Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lila's Logic

Lila's new favorite saying is, and I am going to write it in Lila-ese just so I can remember how dang cute it is:

"I hugwree, Mama, I hugwree!"

Today she was up from her nap before Bronwen, so with her cute little face, sunny smile, and batting eyelashes, she told me that she was hungry. Then she asked for some goldfish. I could tell TJ wanted her to have something more substantial/healthy, and he suggested a banana. Lila wanted none of it, and looked back at me with her ginormous eyes and cute face and asked again for goldfish. Naturally, I caved (I do, afterall, get the whole grain goldfish).

This part I missed, but it was recounted to me at dinner. Lila ate her goldfish and asked for more.

TJ: How about some milk?
Lila: Milk is a drink. I want food.


Jana said...

OMG Lila is so funny and she obviously schooled TJ :)

mimi said...

The first of many out-smartings!