Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time Out

Lila spilled a very interesting secret to me tonight. A little background, if you will:
TJ had a little difficulty with Lila tonight; I heard her wailing and crying as he put her in Time Out for not listening to him. It was loud and outraged crying, resonating throughout the house in waves of tears and vociferous protest.
When I went to kiss her goodnight, I crawled into bed with her, and the following transpired:
M: Lila, did you have trouble listening to Daddy?
L: Nooooo
M: Are you sure?
L: Yes.
M: Did you to go time out for not listening?
L: Yes.
M: Do you like time out?
L: Yes
M: Yes!? Are you sure?
L: Yes. I like to cry like a baby!!

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Jana said...

I really really really LOVE Lila :)