Monday, October 10, 2011

Lila and Bronwen

In the last two weeks, Lila has figured out how to go #2 in the potty. It is a bit of an exercise in patience, as she insists on privacy, but she also wants to show you every time she plops something into the potty. The adult's role, therefore, is to get the hell out whenever she says, and then run in and give proper accolades when she calls.

I think I have finally convinced Bronwen that a monster lives in her nostril and will bite her finger off when she picks her nose. Okay, so I haven't convinced her at all, since she knows when I am pulling her leg. Still, I am hoping there is enough doubt to make her hesitate just a little...
She also has a bad habit of chewing on her hair. She doesn't eat it, but she gets her spit all in it which is kind of gross. She asked me this morning if there was a monster in her hair that was going to get her for chewing on it, and I told her yep. I should write a book of parenting techniques.

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Jana said...

I see chewing problems are genetic ;)