Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bronwen at the Park

T.J. and Bronwen have journeyed to the park three times in as many days. We live within walking distance of a small park, and T.J. got the brilliant idea to take Bronwen. He tried once before, but she was really too little to use and enjoy the playground equipment. Apparently now she is just the right size.

Without further ado, I present Bronwen frolicking in the park:

Driving (Movin' Right Along):
Sliding:Peering through giant plastic bubbles:
Hamming for the camera:I love this picture, even if she doesn't look like a real kid:Enjoying her time on the picnic table:The also happened to spy a woodpecker in the trees. All-in-all, three great outings to the park. I look forward to having both girls able to play together, but since that isn't a possibility yet, I will include a picture (or two) of Lila from today.

Lila, making a fish face back at Nemo:Sweet Lila:


Jana said...

Such pretty girls! It looks like a fun park. I am glad they also have a Studebaker. There is a park across the street from a certain home in NJ as well *hint, hint*

Tiff said...

How nice that you can walk to such an awesome park!

Duga dum, duga dum, footloose and fancy free!!!!
That slide looks amazingly fun!

Melanie said...

Okay...can I please tell you that Bronwen's curls are just getting cuter and cuter?!?! much do I love Lila's socks that look like little black ballet slippers???

mimi said...

I miss my girls so much!! Did I mention that our park has a carousel and train??? Bigger hint, hint!!

Leslie said...

Man your kids are cuuuuutttte!