Sunday, October 11, 2009


As everyone knows, I have three cats. They are: Mollie, the oldest who is totally my devoted companion, Cassie who is all about T.J., and Pepper who is just happy to be here.

Pepper early on was the most brave when Bronwen joined our family. Pepper loved sharing baby toys and coached Bronwen during tummy time. She would sit in the bouncy seat and sleep in the crib. Yes, one of Bronwen's first words was even "Pepuh."

For weeks now Bronwen was been telling everyone that Cassie is her favorite. We have no idea why, as Cassie has an innate fear of Bronwen. If Bronwen comes in the room, Cassie streaks out. Mollie also avoids Bronwen or just gives her the usual withering stare that she gives to everyone.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered this: Bronwen and Mollie, hanging out in the bathroom together! (I was even more shocked to discover that Bronwen can now get on the counter by herself.)Mollie also depends on Bronwen for petting and rubbing, and now I find Mollie is constantly wrapping herself around Bronwen's legs and rubbing her face against Bronwen's hands. Mollie also will spend nap time crying outside of Bronwen's door--I used to think she was crying for me, but now I know the truth.


Jana said...

The look on Mollie's face is classic.

Jen said...

I think Mollie is trying to say, "I've taken control of your child. She is mine."

Tiff said...

I think Mollie is saying, "B, you are old enough to not pull my tail."