Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Week of Firsts

I know I have been remiss in updating lately, but things have just been crazy busy. Bronwen has finally learned how to use the potty, and making sure she goes has pretty much become a full time job. Bronwen has gone two days now without any accidents, and I am so proud of her! I am also grateful to a family friend for recommending a book on potty training that provided some valuable techniques to get things moving, in a manner of speaking!

Meanwhile, Lila is now 6-months old, so I need to start giving her real food. This also entails finding time to make her baby food. I think that will be a project for Saturday. T.J. is out of town for most of this week, so it has been interesting juggling all these major milestones.

Anyhow, here is a glimpse of Lila's first experience with mushy baby cereal--with a bit of banana.

Luckily I do have a trusty assistant--whether she helps or hinders is yet to be determined.


Jana said...

Oh how I love her expressions. She looks so shocked. I can tell that someone really loves her sister though :)

Melanie said...

Go Bronwen! That's awesome! Goodbye pull-ups! (Go MOM too!)