Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Bronwen Game

I can't say for sure how it all started...I do know that T.J. sent Bronwen in to Lila's room right after bath time to tell her goodnight. Bronwen did this stark naked. Then she suddenly started running up and down the hallway, still as naked as a jay bird. I couldn't help but crack up (no pun intended), watching her little tan-lined body streaking around the house, and then T.J. decided it would be fun to chase her. Of course at some point, Lila became involved, but mostly her role was just running back and forth, watching the action while sucking on her pacifier.

The game then morphed from chase into a sort of "hide-and-seek" with Bronwen and T.J. rapidly switching the hider and seeker roles. Whenever the hider was found, the seeker showed victory by tickling.

Lila went to bed, and the game continued, T.J. clothed, Bronwen naked, and pregnant Mama observing.

This was the day before yesterday. Then all day yesterday, Bronwen talked about how she wanted to play the tickle game again. So naturally, after bath-time, in the prime of her nakedness, Bronwen and T.J. once again gave chase. Bronwen became pretty savvy, using her flashlight when T.J. would hide in the dark closet.

At one point, Bronwen came over to me and said, "I want to keep playing this game because I really love my Daddy, but I am getting thirstier and thirstier."

We stopped for an ice water break, and then--off she ran!

Feel free to steal the game for yourselves. It seems pretty fun.

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Aunt Jan said...

I am glad she knows the importance of staying hydrated :)