Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sisters and Games

T.J. went golfing with the guys today, and the girls took the kids to town for some shopping, so while we were invited to town, Bronwen wanted to go to the pool, so away we went. Lila was a little upset from the get go because she wanted to bring her Cheerios into the pool, and I wouldn't let her.

She was happy once we were in the pool, and Bronwen busied herself playing on the steps with a tiny sand scoop, scooping water out of the pool.

As the morning progressed, Bronwen started sitting on the side of the pool, kicking her feet. I handed her the dive sticks we brought, and Bronwen decided it would be fun to throw them into the pool and let me fetch them for her. I was holding Lila, and picking up the sticks with my foot, handing them to Lila, walking over to Bronwen, and Lila would hand the sticks over to her. Bronwen said every time, "Thank you Lila," and then she would throw them back in. We must have done this routine 50 times. It was awesome. The girls were having such a good time.

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Aunt Jan said...

Sister, you could have just let Lila dive down and get them...she is a natural. :) I wish I could play in the pool. I guess it is a good thing your new place might have one :)