Thursday, July 15, 2010

Great Day

Today has been a banner day for us. I decided to go to Old Navy to see if they had any skirts that would fit around my rapidly expanding belly. As usual, it took us awhile to get out of the house--especially since this was already our second errand of the morning. I was so surprised when Bronwen so sweetly pulled Lila to the door by her hand, telling her, "Come on, Max, we need to go." She was gentle and such a great big sister. Granted, she was pretending Lila was Max from the Max and Ruby series, but hey, I don't care what she calls her, so long as she is being nice to her!

We make it to Old Navy, and I allowed Lila to roam around, which can be a little dangerous. Of course Bronwen tried to hide in the racks of clothes, and naturally Lila was trying to follow suit. They were the racks against the wall, with a small step up, so I was concerned Lila was going to fall off of the step and on to the concrete floors. Luckily I moved them into the dressing room pretty easily...until I turned and Lila was gone. The little adventurer simply crawled right under the door and toddled down the dressing room hallway.

At this point I had chosen the one skirt I liked and went to the $5 tees to see if any coordinated. Lila was all over the place, but her patient sister kept going to her saying, "Come here Max!" and led her gently by the hand back to me. I was melting with happiness right there in the Old Navy store.

It was a great day indeed!


Jana said...

I think Max is the perfect nickname for Lila. Bronwen does possess several of Ruby's characteristics.

Do you need more Max and Ruby books? :)

Tiff said...

That is great! I remember when my mom quit taking us to the grocery store together. :)

So... which skirt did you find? The one with the top that folds down? I have my black one on now... I bought a blue one last Monday. LOVE them!