Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Play Date

Bronwen had a great time staring at Natalie today! Wish I had thought to take pictures. Natalie showed Bronwen how to behave--walking around everywhere and not getting into any trouble. She's so great, Allyson! More to come as soon as TJ uploads pictures from his fancy-schmancy camera.


mimi said...

Ha! I get to comment before Aunt Jan!! Bronwen's outfit is adorable and it looks like she's giving the peace sign to Mimi (or getting ready for a cig. :)

allysonmorales said...

Natty enjoyed her playdate as well!

Aunt Jan said...

Just because Aunt Jan has to work doesn't mean she doesn't love you the most! I have to have a job to buy you lots of pressies :)

ps sister I thought we discussed sweat pants!