Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Best Laid Plans

I took this video right before putting Lila down on her play mat to show how proficient she has gotten at rolling over. Naturally, she refused to perform, smiling all the way. Oh well. Still her enthusiasm at the intended project can not be missed!


The next video is dark and kind of long, so it's okay if you want to skip it :-) I am only putting it up here for Mimi and Aunt Jana. They have to watch, as they are related.



Jana said...

I could watch you all day. You make the best faces. Perhaps on day soon I will be able to watch you all day *evil cackle!*

Melanie said...

Do I get bonus points for watching both ADORABLE videos? I expecially like the black cat crossing the screen, and you didn't miss a beat filming! :) I actually had to look back up at he birthday clickers to check Lila's age. I can't believe that she's old enough to be rolling over and moving around so much! Wow...this is a very long comment...

Tiff said...

*heehee* You are too cute, Lila! You'll roll over for the camera when your momma has a full memory. Your sister has taught you well :)