Thursday, April 14, 2011

Car Conversation

Bronwen: Mom, does your head have a bone in it?
Me: Yes, Bronwen, it's called a skull.
B: A skull?
Me: Yes.
B: What does a skull do?
Me: It is kind of like a helmet inside your head.
B: What is your brain made out of?
Me: Cells.
Bronwen: Oh, cells?
Me: Yes.
Bronwen: How do you breathe?
Me: Well, you take air into your body through your nose or mouth. And when blow it out, you get the air out of your body. That is called breathing.
B: Why do we breathe?
Me: You know how your body needs food and water for energy? Well, it also needs air.
B: What does the blood do?
Me: It carries around the vitamins from our food.
B: Oh.
(Adam screaming from exhaustion, Lila screaming for no discernible reason)
B: Be quiet, I can't hear!

I think there was a little more to it, but those are the highlights.

I also heard her talking in her room this morning. She said something about being in outer space, and then in the cutest little girl voice, she said, "It's a whole new world!"

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Jana said...

Oh boy sister should I send you my anatomy book? Also I since I am taking nutrition now I can help you a bit. Most of your vitamins are processed in your small intestine :)