Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fun in the Cul-de-sac

The girls love going across the street to the cul-de-sac to play. Several kids live over there, and Bronwen is developing quite the crush on a 6-year old named Aiden. It is so obvious, in fact, that little Lila now says, "Ay-in!" whenever we are about to go outside.

Lila on her bike:Bronwen on her bike:

The activity that started it all: Bubbles. Aiden played catch the bubbles with Bronwen one afternoon, and that is when she decided she "loved" him. The sad part is that Aiden would rather play with the other boys, and I hope Bronwen's crush doesn't "crush" her too much. (Aiden is in the background)
And who, you may wonder, was making all those wonderful bubbles?!


Aunt Jan said...

Does bubble making require a helmet? It seems more fun that way :)

Melanie said...

Could those pictures of Bronwen in the bubbles be any cuter? I think not!