Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lila's Party

It was a lovely day for a party. The week before it had been rainy and cold, and I had definite concerns for the outdoor activities I had planned. Then on Friday, everything dried out and miraculously the weather warmed up to a perfect 64 degrees. The first activity on the agenda: lunch. I had a deli tray for the kids and chicken salad for the adults. I made my rolls and had croissants. I also had a vanilla-scented fruit salad, cake balls, cheese and preserve bites, and cake balls.

Many of our guests were from the neighborhood.
We had family there as well!
Lila had plenty to eat.
Even though she didn't seem interested in having her picture taken, I got one with her.
As did T.J.
Then it was time for the egg hunt:
Lila found an egg
Picked it up
and was on the hunt for more!
On to dessert!
I lit the candles,
and Lila blew them out.
Present time!
Lila had a great party--I can't believe she is two!

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Melanie said...

I can't believe that she is two either! What a cute party. Loved the cake (of course). Glad it was nice and sunny!