Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The kiddos got to spend a little time playing before church this week. If you think it's hard getting two to look at the camera at the same time...

Adam is paying attention, but Bronwen is talking and Lila is in her own world:
Uh oh--Bronwen is messing with something Lila is doing, and she does. not. like. it.
Bronwen does a half-hearted "Cheese" while Adam blows bubbles and looks away.
All three looking, and the toy gets in the way!


Tiff said...

I like action shots. Maybe you can use that program where you can photoshop the best pics into one!
I LOVE Lila's dress and ponytail.

I also LOVE the new blog pic. :)

Jana said...

So funny and they are super cute. Knitting a bigger kidnapping net :)