Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 11

Santa Claus brought Bronwen the game Cariboo Island. If you have a toddler I highly recommend this game; Bronwen loves it, and it is short in duration. She enjoys it so much, she doesn't even care if she plays it by herself, probably because she always wins that way. As an aside, I always play with her unless I am cooking dinner or feeding the baby. This particular day, she was playing by herself while I was in the shower.

These videos will be long, so don't feel obligated to watch unless you have nothing better to do, but I have been so impressed with her skills:


mimi said...

Oooh Bronwen, I LOVE the game!!! I can't wait to come and play it with you. I think that by watching the informative video demonstration, I've got the hang of it! I Love You!!


Aunt Kadee said...

Oh that is too precious. And what a smart little cookie! It is very similar to the Cariboo game we had, same concept and visual theming, but different set up. I like the coins better as ours had balls and I got scared with Jay trying to scarf everyting down. Maybe next time Bronwen and
Shelby are together, they can play Cariboo Island.

Jana said...

How excited am I that you have a daughter that loves to play games?! I just wish she were smarter ;)

Tiff said...

What a cool game! Can I teach her to count cards and take her to Vegas?