Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17

Lila had a fever when I first returned home, but she seems to be all better now. Just in time for me to have a sore throat. We all went to church today and the girls were fine, until we returned home. In no time flat Bronwen developed a fever and is now sleeping in her bed, sick. I asked her if she wanted juice, and she said no. I asked her if she wanted milk, she said no. I asked her if she wanted mac and cheese, she said, "I don't want anything; I am just sick right now."

Poor thing.

Lila, however, is doing just fine. It looks like she learned how to stick her tongue out from her sister.


Jana said...

Poor little Bronwen. I know just how you feel and I wish you a speedy recovery. I bet mac and cheese might make you feel better.

Lila, you are the cutest baby ever. I will be picking you up in April.


Tiff said...

Boy, something must be going around because I have a sinus infection (that is getting better).
Well wishes to all you ladies!
It will be interesting to see what Bronwen teaches Lila next ;)