Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1

It seems 2010 decided to start off with quite a bang--involving Lila and Bronwen tag-team crying last night to the point where I basically got little to no sleep. I have no idea what was bothering Bronwen; she just kept waking up crying for me. When I asked her what was wrong, I just got a tearful, "I don't know." I realized around 3:30 that she could still hear fireworks, and I wonder if that didn't upset and confuse her.

We had to get up early for church, and I figured today would be rough. T.J.'s sister invited us all to her house, and I knew I wasn't going to make it. I was just too tired. T.J. went and took Bronwen, and I managed to be incredibly productive. I think it had to do with the fact that T.J. gave me real coffee this morning instead of my usual unleaded.

I cleaned the bathrooms, got super glue off the floor (don't ask), did all the laundry, vacuumed the carpets, cleaned the kitchen, reorganized the books in Lila's room by age, genre, and author, took down some Christmas decorations, and straightened the girls' rooms. I didn't get to nap, but Lila went down for a nice, long nap, so I got to rest for a little while.

T.J. and Bronwen arrived home, and Bronwen was tired and a little cranky. She did manage to perk up a bit when she saw the basket of clean clothes, putting a pair of my underwear around her neck, and running through the house yelling, "Look at me! I'm panty girl!" I really have no idea...but I am fairly certain she gets that silliness from me. (Jana: remember Ninja socks?)

I wrote how Lila is like Cookie Monster--here is proof:

And now, another installment of "What are you doing, Little Mouse?"

I think I am going to crash early tonight! Hopefully everyone will sleep well, including me.


Daddy said...

She's working on becoming the next David Copperfield. But, eagle eyes in the audience can spot the errant puff slipping out ever so stealthily at 0:36. Keep practicing, little Peanut.

Jana said...

I *heart* "What are you doing Little Mouse?" I also love how Lila cracks up while she is trying to fool you.

Ah Ninja I recall it was a very serious matter ;)