Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3

It's been a long weekend, with Lila and Bronwen waking throughout the night, performing their covert sleep deprivation experiments on me. So far I think I have been performing well, but I really need to get them settled. Lila is finally over her runny nose, or has at the very least turned the corner, and last night Bronwen discovered that I am not the only one who will come to her when called, much to her dismay. We had a long conversation tonight about how she needs to sleep until the sun is up, so I hope this will be effective tonight.

Lila was sleeping well today, so likewise, I hope it bodes well for this evening. I am an optimist.

Bronwen received two games for Christmas and loves them. She wants to play them all day long--she must get this from T.J., because I am not an enthusiastic participant in games. I am trying, and I do play with her when she asks.

T.J. brewed beer tonight. I got Lila to bed, and T.J. took care of Bronwen, up to the point where she needed to actually go into her bed; he had to fiddle with something concerning his brew. Bronwen started crying in her room, and I told T.J. to get her to bed...I heard her say to him, "No, no, you need to brew beer."

He agreed.
In the meantime, Lila's new favorite activity is checking out the goings on outside. Must have been something funny...


Jana said...

I love the new top picture.

I can't believe I never thought of sleep deprivation to weaken your gaming resistance. Bronwen is a genius.

Hi to Lila's dimple :)

mimi said...

I love to play games Bronwen and I LOVE to snuggle late into the night, so come and stay with me!!