Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Fish

For the past two weeks Bronwen has been taking swimming lessons at Crawfish Aquatics. The do not allow parents to accompany their kiddos to the pool, and we aren't even allowed a tiny peek behind the "forbidden fence." However, on the very last day, we parents are allowed to watch the 40-minute lesson in the 95-degree heat. I was excited to finally see what Bronwen had learned.

She adjusts her goggles:
Prepares to go:
Goes into the water:
And swims to her teacher:
I am so proud of all she has learned! I will post some video so you can see her in action. Look for her in the middle, swimming toward the teacher with the white straps on her bathing suit.


Tiff said...

Yay Bronwen! Maybe you can teach me how to swim. I still have to hold my nose!

Jana said...

So proud...I can't wait to come back and swim with you.