Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

The weekend was hot and humid, and we decided that it was time to get some much-needed yard work accomplished. Brilliant plan, right? Since the weather is not about to get any cooler, we just dove right in at about 8:30 in the morning. Luckily, T.J. and I had our trusty assistants helping us with the front bed.

Lila was dressed for the weather, and with tiny rake in hand, was ready to rake tiny piles of soil where we needed them. I know you all want a pair of shorts just like hers.
Bronwen utilized her intense powers of concentration to plant several flowers for me. She told me she was doing it for John Denver.
The hat came off after a few minutes, and the chalk came out. I know she doesn't look amused, but she was having quite a nice time dumping the chalk out and putting it back in (remember the crayon game?) Bronwen in the background, continued working hard, focused on pleasing her favorite deceased folk singer.
After a long day of yard work, Lila refused to use a simple fork or spoon to feed her voracious appetite--she had to find something much more suitable.


Jana said...

Lila, you are the funniest baby I know and Bronwen, I am sure John Denver is please with your gardening. I know Kenny Rogers would be ;)

Melanie said...

John Denver...silly little girl! Jen, when is she going to learn the Brady Bunch Soundtrack? Hmmmm?

mimi said...

Lila, I LOVE your circle shorts. Bronwen I too am sure John Denver was very honored by your garden dedication. What great helpers!