Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Bronwen started her swimming lessons on Monday. She was beyond excited--until she discovered she had to put her face in the water. Despite her innate fear, she has continued on, mainly because I have given her no choice. The past three days have been a touch anxiety ridden, but I know as soon as she accomplishes full-face submersion, she will be fine.

First Day:
Third Day:


Jana said...

Bronwen, I am so proud of you. You definitely have the cutest pool wear. I can't wait to swim with you again.


Mommy said...

Go Bronwen! It's looks like you're getting more and more excited each day! When you come over to play Friday, can you show William how to put his face in the water?

Tiff said...

I like your pool outfit! Don't worry, I still can't go under water without holding my nose!!!