Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13

This morning started a little late. a nice break for me. When I say "A little late" I mean that I didn't get the girls until 7:30, so we're not talking "world record sleep-in." I got everyone changed and dressed and realized I needed some lotion for my hands. Got to love winter. I went to my bathroom, Bronwen trailing behind me asking me a million questions:

B: "Where are you going Mama?"
Me: "I am going to the bathroom."
B: "But why are you going to the bathroom?"
Me: "Because I need to get some lotion for my hands."
B: "Why do you need that lotion?"
Me: "Because my hands are dry."
B: "You need moisturizer, then."
Me (a little shocked) : "Exactly."


Tiff said...

Maybe a future Clinique consultant?

Jana said...

I am not surprised that she is an ace at beauty routines :) I mean look at those eyebrows...