Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 15/16

The girls finally gave me their nasty cold, and I awoke on the 15th with a raging ear infection. I begged T.J. to stay home in the morning so I could get some rest and go to the doctor. While I was in bed, Bronwen came in the room, and I told her I was sick. She promptly climbed in and told me, "I will give you a cuddle to feel better."

So under the covers she went, putting her little arms around my waist. She patted my belly and said, "There, there, Mama, I am making you all better now."

Then she asked me if we could watch my T.V. and I explained there was nothing one. Her reply: "We can watch the news." We later read several of her new books under the covers. Best. Medicine. Ever.

Yesterday we did the same thing after returning from the parades, only this time I turned on the TV to the Food Network. There was a lot on that we could discuss. Giada was making a pasta dish that had procuitto and fresh herbs, and Bronwen says, "Hey, those are Mardi Gras noodles." I asked her what she meant, and she said, "They are gold, green and purple."

I don't know that I saw purple in them, but I hastily agreed and managed to use that angle to eat her pasta and pesto for dinner, declaring them "Mardi Gras Noodles."

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Jana said...

Maybe the next time I am sick she can come over and make me better. What a sweetie!