Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday party

Saturday was Lila's birthday party, and despite a soggy morning, the rain did clear away and didn't totally ruin the egg hunt I had planned. I only say "totally" because it did bring with it some pretty nasty humidity, and the kiddos weren't able to play outside as much as I had wanted.

The menu: French toast casserole, baked peaches, sausage balls, strawberry spring salad with candied pecans and vanilla vinaigrette, ham and cheese nibbles, and assorted fruit and granola with orange honey yogurt. We also had almond tea and various beverages outside.

The cake:

The cupcakes:
Bronwen and me:
Egg hunt in the back:
Egg hunt in the front:

Post-hunt choas:
Birthday girl!Tentatively tasting the cake:
Neat eater, just like her Aunt Jana:
Present time--Lovely dress from Aunt Kadee and family:
Cell phone and hammer from Miss Michele:
Singing Teapot from Aunt Becky and family:
Daddy and the birthday girl:


Tiff said...

Lookin' good, Jen! B is growing!
I love that last pic of TJ & Lila. Also, did TJ take the post-hunting pic? Haha :)
Niece Addie has the teapot. It's pretty fun!
What a pretty new dress!

Jana said...

It looks like the party was a great! I wish I could have been there. The menu sounds did the ham biscuits turn out?

Melanie said... amaze me! That party looks fabulous! Please tell me that you didn't make those adorable cupcakes and bunny cake!!!! (I feel so sub-par with my Kroger cakes now!)