Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Day in the Park

Bronwen, Lila, and I went to City Park today to meet up with Bronwen's friends Tommy and Owen (and their moms). It was a perfect day, warm with a cool breeze.

These little seats look innocent enough, but sit on them, and they spin around like crazy!

Lila loved the swing: (Note: The sirens in the background had nothing to do with the park)

Snack time!

Both girls played in the sand pit: (Tommy's mom asked me what it's like to have a child who will sit still and play...Tommy likes to be on the move)

Bronwen had such a wonderful time running around with the boys! It is really great to know she has friends :-)


Jana said...

I hope we get to go to the park when I come and visit. I can't wait to play at Camp Wonderful!

Tiff said...

Yay for lovely spring days in the park and especially with friends!
Stephen has friends since pre-school that he still goes to bday parties and they play baseball together. He's 10.5 yrs old! Can you believe it?

Jana said...

Hey! You changed this blog since the last time I looked at it. Good thing I am a stalker Aunt :)