Tuesday, April 13, 2010


After the great fun of playing at "the beach," we headed over to cousin Camille's fifth birthday party. The theme was "I Spy," and immediately Lila was happy to spy different toys!

The big girls played the game, where they had clues and needed to spy the items on the shelves. Georgia partnered with Bronwen, to Bronwen's delight, and the two of them found all their items.
After all that hard work, it was time to relax and enjoy some birthday cake. Bronwen is always serious about her cake consumption.
Lila, on the other hand was too busy being on the move...
and silly.
Lila did take time to play with Jay.
She also took a leisurely stroll with her daddy.
Bronwen, preferring speed, went down the slide a few times before we left to go home.
It was a beautiful day and a wonderful party. Everyone had a fabulous time!


Jana said...

Wow I love this post! There are so many wonderful photos...nice job T.J.

I feel like I was there.

Anonymous said...

Hey, somebody in Japan visited your blog! It is just that awesome.

Jen said...

I have no idea who "Anonymous" is, but I decided to publish the comment anyhow. Guess they don't know TJ :-)