Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Day 8 without T.J., and so far we are doing well. The newness of having Mimi around has faded, and Bronwen isn't as enthusiastic about allowing (demanding) her help. Still, I don't know if I could have done it alone without going a little crazy.

Lila hasn't started walking yet, but has been making amazing strides in her achievements. She invents little games all day long and happily teaches them to me. She has some little wooden stacking rings that she can take off the post and stack back up again. She likes to take the top off of containers and put them back on. She finds it hilarious when I scratch Pepper's back.She also has really mastered standing up on her own without support. Finally, she has enough hair now for some shampoo fun:Mimi and Bronwen embarked on the project of changing out the toilet seat in the bathroom. Bronwen insisted on having her new chair for optimum supervisory purposes:

The girls wear Mimi out by naptime--I'm not sure why her head was covered, but I suspect she didn't enjoy my watching Chopped:


Jana said...

LOL at Lila's hair. I am glad that Bronwen was able to supervise Sparkles. I am sure she needed it.

Melanie said...

looks like fun! Glad you have your mom there to help!

Tiff said...

Love the punk hairdo!
I think Bronwen has been properly prepared for supervisory duties.