Thursday, April 8, 2010

Helping Hands

Bronwen likes to be a helper. With a little direction from Daddy, she industriously helps to prepare the beer-bottling supplies.

All finished. Ready for a cold one?


Melanie said...

Am I weird that I think any picture of a little kid holding a beer bottle is too cute? I think that may make me a little odd! I have an adorable pic and story of BB last weekend with one. I'll have to post it!

Oh...and Bronwen curls are too cute!!!!

Jana said...

Uncle Pete will be so excited that you know how to serve beer :)

I will be adding these photos to my case file...

Tiff said...

First, I LOVE the yellow & orange outfit.
So she can dress for cold weather AND help make & serve beer! She has a quite a future ahead of her :)