Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Tree Farm

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we decided to go in search of the perfect Christmas tree. I found a Christmas tree farm (only one) in Gastonia, and after a few false starts and turn-arounds to retrieve some things from the house (Lila's shoes, for one) we were finally on our way. We met up with Mom and Dad who had already met the farm's owners.

The people who owned and worked the farm were wonderful from the start, letting us borrow a wagon. We picked out our Christmas tree first, and then we were off to explore the rest of the farm.

Dad and Lila meet Boots, the fainting goat. Luckily Boots was used to people and didn't actually faint in our presence. In the background, you can see the haystacks that the girls would later climb on.
Lila loved looking at all the animals, but I was the only one brave enough to feed Buttons the cow. Considering the stuff I got all over my hands, I'd say the others were smarter than I.

There was a little store where they sold beef and knick-knacks, and the girls found this face-to-face glider. They also got to make some Christmas ornaments, eat marshmallows (there was a fire pit outside for roasting, but the marshmallows never made it that far), and pick out a cookie to go with hot chocolate.

After that healthy and nutritious snack, it was hayride time!

The sun was bright, so I let Bronwen borrow my shades.

It was a great day at Stowe Dairy farm--we managed to get a gorgeous Frasier Fir Christmas tree and play around the farm!


Jana said...

I can't believe that you are holding Bronwen in that one picture!!! It looks like you had fun even without me ;)

Anonymous said...

For the record, the farm owners did not "let us borrow a wagon." Lila, with a demanding index finger and a stern "Dada!" swiftly commandeered it and held it for ransom against the helpless farm proprietors. When they explained to Lila that she could seee farm animals and enjoy a bona fide hay ride, she agreed to release it back into their possession only after it carried her from activity to activity all morning long. That's just the way it was.

- Daddy