Thursday, December 2, 2010


I think it is pretty well known that Lila is not as verbally advanced as Bronwen was at the same age. In fact, any time I get a new word out of her I am ecstatic. Usually she grunts in the "gung gung" manner of Law and Order. Still, despite her not articulating well, she reminds me daily that she is still extremely smart.

Aunt Jana gave Bronwen an alphabet puzzle board ages ago, and Lila has recently really taken an interest in letters. I was shocked to discover she can recognize the letters E and O, and today she also showed me B and made a hissing sound while pointing to S.

She also had all the letters in her shopping cart at one point and was trying to find the E to put back into the puzzle. She came running in carrying a letter and saying, "E!" It was actually the lower case M...but I found it incredibly smart of her because it does look like an E when you turn it sideways.

She also understands the concept of big girl underwear and wants desperately to wear them. As a result, T.J. and I are tentatively trying to potty train her. She has gone on the potty twice already, but I am not pushing the matter since I don't and won't have the energy with the new baby coming. Still, I pulled out Bronwen's old training panties, and we'll just see how it goes. Still waters run deep, right?


Jana said...

Yeah Lila!!! Sometimes it is the quiet ones...I should know :)

Melanie said...

Well of course she's smart! She's your daughter isn't she?