Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fun Times

T.J.'s parents are here for a visit and getting to know little Adam, and T.J. and I get stricken with a stomach bug. Not only that, but Bronwen decided to join in last night as well. This is the first time Bronwen has ever had any stomach issues at all. It's been kind of awful. We didn't much sleep last night, but today is much better. Bronwen is back to her old antics, and I feel okay except for being bone tired.

I am just hoping Adam doesn't get anything. That would be a nightmare.

If I don't write for awhile, it's because i am trying to catch up on some sleep!

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Jana said...

Sister!!! I can't believe a stomach bug had enough nerve to attack your home! I hope you are feeling better soon. XOXO from behind my protective bubble.