Monday, December 6, 2010

House is Decorated!

I had two major goals with this pregnancy--three if you count the "deliver a healthy baby" obviousness, but the first two were to make it through Thanksgiving and decorate the house for Christmas. Granted, I had to push our Christmas decorating up a weekend, but really, thinking back on it, I am fairly certain we decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving last year as well just to utilize T.J.'s extra day off of work (and to have Sunday to rest and enjoy the new tree).

Friday was a wash-out with rain, so instead of going to get the tree, I went ahead and decorated everything else in the house that I could.

The dining room:
Christmas village in the dining room:
Saturday we found a lovely tree at the tree farm and hauled it home. T.J.'s main duty, besides carrying all the boxes down the stairs for me, is lighting. He is a master, and I dare not interrupt this process. He naturally had to go buy more lights about halfway through--I suspected he would since the tree is about twice the size of any we've had before--so while the girls napped, and T.J. went to purchase lights, I had the pleasure of visiting with my wonderful friend Tiffany, who ventured down from the mountains and stopped by on her way to see her sister in Charlotte.

Of course by the time T.J. returned and finished the lights, Mom and Dad arrived to enjoy her birthday take-out and cake. This meant that we had to save the ornaments for Sunday after church. (see Tree Decorating post)

Here is the final result:

Hung by the chimney...wait, we don't have a chimney:

Finally, Mom was kind enough to give us the pink Christmas tree she had from last year--the girls and I went to Hobby Lobby to find appropriate (plastic) decorations for it, and we spent the other night decorating it. I think they did a fabulous job, and the house looks great!


Melanie said...

Gorgeous! How exciting to decorate a new house!

Jana said...

Hey wait is Mr. Jack in the baby's stocking? Can't wait to see it in person.