Thursday, September 13, 2007

4-Month Check-up

Weighing it at 16 pounds, 11 ounces and measuring 27 inches, we have Bronwen Marie St. Romain who is a champion heavy-weight; she is off the charts!

Tuesday we had Bronwen's four-month check-up. The doctor confirmed that she has a cold in her nose, but other that, she is as healthy as she can be. TJ wanted me to inquire about her copious amounts of spit-up (sometimes TJ can be such a worry-wort, but it's endearing, really). Despite knowing that she spits up just like every other baby in the world, perhaps a bit less, at times a bit more, I decided to go ahead and ask the medical professionals.

The pediatrician looked at her weight, looked at me with a smirk, and said, "Um, I think she is getting plenty of calories." Understatement.

She also got her second round of vaccinations, which always is hard on her and therefore hard on me too. The first shot went in with a whimper; the other three went in with a bang. Poor Bronwen's face got redder and redder, morphing into a kind of purple, and she screamed at the top of her lungs. I held her close, and within 5 minutes she had stopped crying. Brave girl!

We got home and she slept all morning. I think there is something in the shots that makes her drowsy because she did the same thing last time. This time, however, it extended to the next day as well. Bronwen slept for 3 hours in the morning. Normally she takes two thirty-minute naps, so this was a little alarming for me. She didn't sleep as much in the afternoon and was her usual pleasant self. We even ran a couple of errands, collected a few compliments about her sweet nature, and enjoyed an afternoon of squeals and giggles. Her squeals boarder on high-pitched shrieks...I think I heard a few dogs howling...but I don't think I would ever trade those sounds for anything. Our baby is finding her voice and using it!

(I may regret that statement when the "why" questions start coming, but now I am happy with the gibbering.)


Aunt Jan said...

Baby B way to be brave! You will need it later in life when you get to take care of Sparkles at the mall. She can be scary at the sales racks!

mimi said...

B'wen will be the most savvy shopper by age 2. No "sparkles" for this baby chic - Mimi will teach her all she needs to know....

Aunt Jan said...

Well...I must admit it is impressive to be able to calculate 65% off in your head in a matter of seconds.