Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bronwen's New 'Do

received a lovely present today from our friend Ann. She was giving Lila a new outfit, and thoughtfully gave Bronwen an big sister gift as well. It is an ABC book all about animals. Bronwen currently loves anything having to do with creatures great and small, and I took this opportunity to show off her new hairstyle. :-) Some of you noted her ponytail from an earlier post...we've now graduated to pigtails!


Jana said...

I am sad that this video ends. I wanted more.

Sister, a fence is a wall. :)

Jen said...

I ran out of memory. I'll have to try again, maybe outside when the lighting is nice and bright.

I know a fence is a wall--I was just clarifying.

Melanie said...

Just when I thought that Bronwen couldn't get any cuter, you put her in those adorable piggy tails!