Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 6

We went to Kadee's house for Jay's first birthday party--It's hard to believe that a year can pass by so quickly!

Quick pic of my girls and me before we left:
An abundance of cousins:

Yay for "new" toys!
Lila loved swinging!
Happy birthday, Jay!
While I was there, I saw some woodpeckers in the backyard and when we returned home, I had my bird book out for identification purposes.

Bronwen was quite interested in the pictures, and enjoyed looking at the woodpeckers in the book. She looked at T.J. and me and says, "I want to name that wookpecker Frederic Auguste Bartholdi." I made her repeat it twice to be sure...I asked her if she knew who that person actually was, and she told me.

She was right.

Go ahead, Google it. You know you want to know. Jana, don't spoil it :-)


Jana said...

It was hard when I had to give up my title of "Best Hair" but now I have to give up "Smartest Pants." What do I have left...tell me what do I have?

Jen said...

World's best sister...

mimi said...

Don'd forget World's Best Other Daughter too. Just kidding!! I, at least, knew who Frederic A. Bartholdi was ;)

Jana said...

She will probably rock as a sister once she gets older and better at bossing Lila around :)

ps Sister an extra ticket to NYC and Wicked has become available, would you like to go in May? I don't think mother will be able to make ie :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us on the blog. You look so pretty in those pictures. Come bird watching anytime, we literally have a bird sanctuary behind our house. I hate that I missed snapping that picture of you with Georgia and the binoculars. Kadee