Thursday, March 25, 2010

Swamp Adventure Pt IV

Swamp Adventure class was really great today--the topic: fish. Bronwen first made a fist with button scales:
Then we went on our hike. It was the most eventful hike to date, despite not seeing a single fish. We got to see a bunch of animal tracks on the wooden walkway above the swamp. First we noticed huge tracks that were probably a dog, then we saw raccoon tracks. Further up the trail we saw where the opossums had been frolicking as well. Bronwen was in hog heaven--she has been extrememly interested in tracks ever since we saw a Sesame Street where Little Bo Peep loses her cow (don't ask) and Elmo and Telly track the cow down by using the prints left all over "the Street."

I tried desperately to snap a photo of Bronwen pointing to the tracks, but, as you can imagine, that didn't go too well.

As we were walking we also saw two fairly large snakes hanging out on the side of the trail.

Then when we returned, we had a snack of goldfish. The animal Bronwen got to touch eats fish:

A baby alligator! I couldn't help but think the little guy was plotting his revenge.


Jana said...

Wow I am sad that the swamp adventures are over. I had so much fun not touching snakes and alligators :) Where is a finished picture of the fish? I like the color combos she was working on...

mimi said...

I can hear a new pet request coming soon to the St. Romain house. I wonder how the cats would react to a baby gator :)