Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Assistant

The rocking chair in Bronwen's room has a wobbly arm, so T.J. dragged it into the living room for some repair work. Lila was kind enough to allow him to assist her in her work.

Before Lila could get to work, she had to gather her various tools (T.J. is not being referred to as a "tool" in this context):

Next Lila had to figure out the problem:
She patiently instructed her assistant in the proper repair procedures:
In the end, Lila seemed quite pleased with the quality of his work:


Jana said...

Sister you crack me up...

Tiff said...

Yes. I agree with Jana. Thank for clarifying about Lila's "tools".
How nice to have so many handy folks in the house!

Melanie said...

Lila's eyes are gorgeous in the last photo!

mimi said...

Was there ever a cuter baby or Daddy's helper??? Before DjaDja gets there again, she'll be able to teach HIM a few things!!