Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today begins the Toddler Swamp Adventure class, and I am really excited. I'll bring my camera, and hopefully the batteries will hold out.

Bronwen recently has begun making up songs and games that only she can sing/play. I'm having a great time listening to her creativity. Yesterday when we went to T.J.'s parent's house for dinner, she was adamant that we listened to her constant chatter in the back. It went something like this: "Listen everybody, listen to me, I see something, you know, that is kinda like a stump; I see something that is like a fountain. I also, you know, see something that is like a cow." The "you knows" are definitely a new addition to her vocabulary, and she was using them in the cutest, most informative way. She really was reiterating that we knew. :-)

The game was basically her version of "I Spy" except she was telling us exactly what she was seeing. So cute.

Then when we got home she was making up all sorts of songs--one was about getting on a rocket ship and playing in her Mom and Dad's bed.

Lila clapped her hands March 1st. She did it once, and hasn't done it since. But I saw it. Here is another trick Lila is quite proud of--and I don't mean putting her shoes in her mouth.

Yesterday I showed Lila how to put the eggs in the "nest" on her barn. She played this game for 30 minutes straight.

Someone wanted to join in...

And finally, Lila wanted to demonstrate her new high-five technique:


mimi said...

Talk about cognitive and reasoning skills!! Our girls are geniuses. I can't wait to play with the barn too.

Jana said...

Yippee new videos! I had the other ones memorized. I love how Lila has a little bossy in her too. Also I am happy that everyone is enjoying the farm.

Jana said...

So I was watching the video of Lila climbing in the chair again (I swear I am not a stalker) and I can't believe I forgot to comment on how AWESOMENESS of her mohawk.