Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Let the baking begin! Luckily I have my chief assistant to supervise all aspects of cookie creation. Then there is my second assistant who began her quality control duties from the floor:
"Hmmm what would make these cookies even better?"
The perfect thumb to make indentations:
This was the fourth kind of cookie we worked on this weekend. Bronwen is becoming quite the baker, but it's her tasting skills that really shine.


mimi said...

Bronwen I know from personal experience that you are quite the expert at measuring, mixing and especially quality control (ie tasting)! I just wish you were here last week when I had MY baking marathon. The tradition is being passed down.

Jana said...

Could I please borrow the girls for Thursday night? I have some baking to do. I would return them. *wink wink*