Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Decorations

I am trying to show my Christmas decorations, in part, plus the girls are just hanging out. It is a normal Wednesday. :-)






mimi said...

I Love that I'm beating Jana on the comment page. Lila can follow instructions even when not aimed at her. She can really dance! Bronwen, you are the best -- Mimi would be so happy to take you shopping!

Jana said...

Aunt Jana is just happy Mimi has a shopping buddy now. Perhaps I will never have to set foot in a mall again...

Tiff said...

Nice grapevine, B!
Lila, you've got rhythm too ;)
It always makes me happy when I get to see Pepper getting in on the action.

Tiff said...

Haha! I just realized that I subconciously wrote a post with the same title... silly me!

Melanie said...

The funniest thing in that top video is that Bronwen appears to treat Lila the same way that Lauren does Braedan.

Any time that I tell Braedan not to do something (and he continues doing it), Lauren will get down on his level and pat his head while saying something like "Did you hear mommy? She said to stop...okay?!" in a cute high-pitched voice.

It looked like Bronwen did a similar thing there!