Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16, Part II

T.J. had to stay late at work today, so I took the girls to Gymboree for some free play time. There was one girl there who was drawn to Bronwen immediately. I was curious to see how the interaction would play itself out; Bronwen doesn't really play with others yet--just beside them. Next thing I know, those two little girls were like peas and carrots, playing together like old friends. What I found the most fascinating was that Bronwen ended up being the leader. Everything she said/did, the other girl would mimic. Sadly this extended to telling Lila, "Don't look at me." Bronwen's shadow, "Don't look at me." (Poor Lila, smiled the whole time through the mistreatment.) Now perhaps this other girl was just a born follower, but I still think Bronwen showed great potential for exerting herself and inspiring others. She wasn't even being bossy (except to her sister, naturally). I was so proud, especially when I asked the other girl's mother how old she was. Answer: 4.



Jana said...

Yeah Bronwen! I am glad that you weren't too bossy. You can send me Lila, I would LOVE for her to look at me :)

mimi said...

Get in line Jana. By the way who said Bronwen would be the leader..

Melanie said...

Lauren is a follower, and Rick and I always discuss how it's made her such an easy kid. However, we anticipate lots of issues when the teenage years come rolling around!