Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cousin's Birthday

As previously mentioned, we went to Shelby's birthday party on Saturday. Here are some pics:

Bronwen, making herself at home at the Gymboree:
Camille and I explain to Lila about the fun toys at Gymboree, although Lila doesn't seem too sure:
Lila is finally convinced!
Bronwen braves the air tube and jumps! (Lila is intrigued by Aunt Kadee's necklace)
Into the "birthday cupcake."
After the party, we went to Kadee's house for gumbo and camaraderie. Basically, we just shuffled babies around a whole bunch. Here cousins Jay, Lila, and Evan enjoy some floor time.


Melanie said...

A few comments here

1) I can't believe how much Lila's smile reminds me of Bronwen!

2) I love Gymboree birthday parties!

3) I love your purple shirt and dark, faded jeans!

4) Your too skinny!

Jen said...

Ha! Love you Mel. Shirt was from Kohl's, only $13. I had to buy it :-)

Jana said...

I agree with number 4!!! Could I pretty please borrow Lila? I will give her back *wink wink*