Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28

Nothing too exciting except T.J. went back to work, and the morning started with major leaking diaper, courtesy of Bronwen. The rest of the morning was spent with a sick Bronwen being kind of weepy and anti-Lila, and Lila being determined to play with anything Bronwen had.
Explosive combo, yes, and my patience was tested. Now I know why Bronwen was saying, "It's too much; I can't take it any more" at dinner Sunday night. Oops.

We went to Hallmark to check out the sales and had to stop by The Purple Cow (thrift store) to look at the mannequins. Bronwen is in a complimentary phase, mostly to inanimate objects (good job, chair; good work, crayons), and had to tell one of them how beautiful her dress was. Never mind that it looked like something Blanche would wear to a ball on Golden Girls, all sequins, shoulder pads, and chiffon. She was hugging the skirt saying, "This dress is beau-tiful, mannequin!"

We also saw the Knight in shining armor they have there; it's about 5 feet tall. It's really hard to explain what a knight is, especially when Bronwen has no concept of a homophone. Still she wants to go visit it, and we had to say goodbye to it before we left.

Afternoon went better; Lila actually slept for over 2 hours at nap time. Bronwen slept for 3 and a half. I actually had time to eat lunch.

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Jana said...

I bet the dress reminded her of Sparkles