Sunday, December 27, 2009

Out-Smarted By a 2-year Old

I came home tonight from Petsmart, and Bronwen was eating a cookie post dinner. She finished, got out of her chair and played for awhile. I noted we had some oranges that needed eating, so I asked her if she wanted one. She replied, "Sure" (sounds more like "Shoo-or). She got back in her chair and began eating her orange.

I decided I wanted a cookie, so I got one. Bronwen saw me eating the cookie and the following is a transcript of our conversation:

B: Ohh, Mama, why are you eating that cookie?
Me: Because I wanted a cookie.
B: Can I have a bite?
Me: You already had a cookie after your dinner.
B: Can I please have a bite of yours?
Me: Okay, just one little bite.

(I broke off about 1/4 of the cookie and put it in front of her)

B: I want my own cookie.
Me: No, Bronwen, you asked for a bite, and I said you could have a bite.
B: But I want my own. Not this.
Me: How about we trade--I'll take a bite of your orange and you can have this bite of my cookie.
B: No, you can have your own orange.
Me: Oh, okay, then you can have your own....oh.

That stinker. She got me.


Jana said...

Well played Bronwen, well played. Perhaps she has a future in chess :)

mimi said...

No she has a future in politics. Taking a "bite" of your cookie would not really be hers. She deserves her own!