Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas morning was hectic and insane, and we didn't open all the gifts, but Bronwen and Lila were so excited and happy with their new toys. We went into the living room, and immediately both Lila and Bronwen started playing with the farm that Aunt Jana had sent to Lila. It took an incredible amount of coercion to get Bronwen to open some of her own presents. As this was going on, T.J. and I had lox and bagels. Bronwen later had French toast with snow (powdered sugar). It was a hard Christmas for me because both girls were sick--Lila and Bronwen powered through somehow.

Some pictures:
Our tree with presents!My girl:
Opening present chaos:
Getting a picture with them both didn't work out so well:
Lila's new light and music table:

I think she likes it!
Bronwen's new giant floor puzzle from Aunt Jana:
Lila loves her barn!
We headed over to T.J.'s parents' house to see all the cousins, aunts, uncles, et al. And I mean all. Here they are--the 11 grandkids on the St. Romain side:
We took a break to eat:
The whole group:
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


Jana said...

I am so happy that the lovely ladies love their new farm. I think you might need a bigger floor for that puzzle.

Tiff said...

I think you stole that food picture from a magazine...
Glad you had a Merry Christmas!