Sunday, December 27, 2009


First some of the Christmas morning fun:

While Bronwen was playing, Lila enjoyed her new table:

The table came wrapped in a large sheet of white cardboard which I placed by the back door for recycling. Before I knew it, Bronwen had taken it, an empty box that her cookie set came in (thanks, Miss Leslie and Mr. Aaron), and a kitchen towel, and she was asking me to push her in her "sleigh." I had no idea what she meant, but here is her creation (kitchen towel was inside the cookie box, as a seat). It actually looked like a pretty fun sleigh.



Jana said...

I am impressed. I like the added towel for comfort :)

Kadee said...

Precious pictures of Christmas morning. It has gotten harder and harder for us to take pictures amid the chaos, so I enjoyed looking at yours and thinking back to when there were only two. The pics of Lila in her barn and you and Bronwen under the tree are my favs. Aunt Kadee

Tiff said...

After spending the day in an airplane, I can appreciate your mom's attention to beverage drinking during a sleigh ride...